Who does Blissful Belly Whole Food Co. support?

We’re on a mission to incorporate as many local crop ingredients as possible, thereby supporting other local businesses.

The beautiful Okanagan land in which we are so fortunate to work and play provides abundant offerings of fruits, spices, and nuts. We use them along with the abundance of the lower mainland of British Columbia, and oats and pulses from the Prairie provinces.

For example:
– dried cherries
– dried blueberries
– dried cranberries
– dried apple
– dried (cherrywood smoked) chipotle
– walnuts

Blissful Belly Whole Food Co. also supports other socially responsible businesses who are making an impact-full difference.

For example:
– Farafena is a social enterprise providing Blissful Belly with “fonio” a naturally gluten-free grain cultivated in Mali, West Africa. Farafena provides women agricultural entrepreneurs the opportunity to make an economic impact for their families and community.

– Maple Roch is  a social enterprise located in downtown Summerland, BC and is home to the best maple sugar / syrup store in Western Canada. Providing families in Eastern Canada the opportunity to expand their businesses, Maple Roch also provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

– Cocoa Camino is a Canadian co-operative providing fair-trade, ethically sourced chocolate! 🙂 They are most definitely making the world a happier place!

– Purple Hemp is also a local Summerland, BC store …and you guessed it, it’s where we buy our hemp seeds! (It’s also a great place to hang out and drink superfood smoothies if you’re visiting the Okanagan.)

Everywhere I go, I always look for creative entrepreneurs, whether it’s artisans and craftsmen, small farmers and gardeners, or restaurateurs who use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. I admire the courage and self-reliance it takes to start your own business and make it succeed.
Martha Stuart