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As with so many food based businesses Blissful Belly Whole Food Co. was born out of necessity and passion!

Victoria Laine has been educating people about the benefits of whole foods for decades. Victoria graduated to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2001. She became a vegan long before vegan was popular. Watching and helping her grandma bake (and consume!) pies, cakes, muffins, cookies, squares, and cinnamon buns was the impetus for her life-long love of baking.

However, when Victoria was diagnosed with celiac disease (requiring a diet free of all gluten ingredients) in 1999 there were many failed attempts to replicate her grandma’s recipes. Tears were shed, curses were shouted, hockey puck-like products where chucked in the compost. Eventually, with stubborn perseverance she began to turn out moist, delicious gluten-free, dairy–free, egg-free goodies.

Then, her vegan adult daughter was also diagnosed with celiac disease. Working in small towns for weeks at a time, having to haul food was a major challenge. So Victoria challenged herself to develop a “just-add-water” oat-based breakfast cookie mix that could be baked fresh in a toaster oven, just by adding water.

After a several attempts she was successful, and her daughter was thrilled. If a cookie mix was possible she thought, why not a muffin mix, bread, or other common baked items and treats? When others proved do-able, friends and family – even those with no dietary needs or preferences – started exclaiming their pleasure and enjoyment, and asking for mixes.

Starting a food-based business is not an easy task. Along the way there’s been many hurdles, as well as much encouragement and support. Numerous amazing people have assisted in the process of launching and growing Blissful Belly Whole Food Co.

Our grateful Blissful Belly customers are why we continue to serve and grow…

“I purchased two of your products, the black bean brownie mix and the cherry granola cookie mix, and tried a sample of the cornbread. They are wonderful. As someone who has had to go gluten free, kicking and screaming, your products taste good and I do not feel I am missing anything. I feel good after eating your product. I will be purchasing more, as I feel I have my money’s worth with them. So many gluten free/vegan products sacrifice taste but your products do not. Thank you for that.”  – Jennifer Dalawrak, Vancouver, BC.

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