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Blissful Belly Whole Food Co. was born out of necessity and a passion for delicious, healthy, moist, and convenient products.

Our owner’s background as a whole food nutritionist, cinnamon bun lover, cookbook author, and recipe creator served her well when creating the popular “just-add-water” products you’ll find here and in the Penticton, BC Bake Shop!

Blissful Belly Academy is an online classroom where you have the opportunity to learn from Victoria Laine, Blissful Belly Owner /Whole-Food Educator /Author


Our mission is to provide nourishing, convenient, delicious, moist gluten-free, plant-based products  AND confidence-building nutrition education WITH a purpose to progressing environmental sustainability and social justice becuase we believe each one of us has an opportunity and  responsiblity to our own health, the well-being of humankind, other sentient beings, and our mother Earth.

All of our products – our popular “just-add-water” gluten-free, vegan baking mixes, as well as our fresh based products, are the result of a labour of love to others who eat a plant-based, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free intake and those who just value quality whole food ingredients.

Our vision is to launch the Blissful Belly Academy in 2023 to support folks on their journey to optimal health through nutrition education and wellness coaching. Learn more here.



Passionate about healthy eating to prevent dis-ease and restore health, I began my professional career as a registered holistic nutritionist, and professional member of the (I.O.N.C) International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, in 2001. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to become a yoga instructor in 1999, and also trained in yoga therapy in Alberta, with a home studio for over a decade.

Overcoming my own crippling health challenges led me to encouraging, educating, and supporting others to overcome barriers to optimal health and avoid unnecesary suffering. The result has been a rewarding career with an array of rewarding experiences.

Working as a resident nutritionist for The City of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services Health & Wellness program I developed educational contests that encouraged healthier eating of their 1,000 fire fighters, as well as providing one-on-one consultations to assist them to overcome personal health challenges, despite their stressful lifestyle. This work led me to the opportunity to meet Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet and creator of Plantstrong™

Leading workshops and presenting to numerous groups, I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to meet folks in wellness agencies, teacher’s conventions, corporate events and public libraries. I developed and taught a continuing education series called “Cooking for Health, Naturally” at the N.A.I.T, Edmonton’s prestigious cooking school. I’ve consulted with catering companies and restaurants wanting to incorporate healthier ingredients into their recipes and menu choices.

Since reading John Robbin’s “Diet for a New America” – I’ve been a whole-hearted vegan, striving to live the ideal of veganism…“to promote a healthy, humane, caring world and to seek to avoid foods and products that are linked to animal cruelty or exploitation.” I do my best to encourage the transformation of the world by promoting conscious food choices. Many of my readers, students, and clients, are trying to reconcile their conscience with their cuisine, and need the practical strategies and resources for do-able, everyday actions.

I’d been diagnosed with celiac disease in 2001, which explained many of my previous health challenges. Once I began to consume a celiac-safe (100% gluten-free) intake, my health improvements sky-rocketed, and my ever growing fascinatation with the science of the human gut and microbiome was launched.

I authored Health By Chocolate, and Real Life Vegan to help provide inspiration and knowledge to my enthusiastic readers. What a creative learning curve that was!

I love baking! It’s my creative zen time. I created the Blissful Belly “just-add-water” baking mix line for a family member who was also diagnosed with celiac disease and had a busy lifestyle that included living for a week or two at a time in small town Alberta. A toaster oven was all that was needed to make fresh breakfast muffins or cookies, so the mixes were a welcome convenience.

Starting a product based business has proven to be more intense and more creative than I could have imagined. As a small business owner I’ve made some wonderful connections in my community, and so appreciate for our Bliss Team, and for every single customer.

I was priviledged to graduate from the Community Economic Development program at Simon Fraser University, learning about housing and food security, community building strategies, co-operatives, sustainable living, Indigenous history, implementing Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, and more.

Several years ago I took a position with an Okanagan college, instructing the Community Support Worker – Social Services program, teaching intoductory courses in – mental health, sociology, psychology, counseling, early childhood education, adult development, paliative care, social work, behavorial therapy, working with youth at risk, and restorative justice. I’m grateful for each student who I get to work with and learn from.

The vision to launch an online Blissful Belly Academy (learn more here) is exciting because as we know,  knowlege is power, and the impact of learning can be life changing. The online experience means we can connect with and impact the lives of, and be influenced by, people all over the world.


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